Amazing benefits of Eating Yogurt Regularly

The amazing benefits of eating yogurt regularly cannot be overemphasized; this sweet sour tasty and delicious food comes from fermenting milk by adding good bacteria that are responsible for boosting the immune system, aids digestive tract and build strong bones. Furthermore, this milk-like creamy white food yogurt is versatile when it comes to ways of eating this food; however this superfood is a dairy product.

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Consequently, not eating a good yogurt can destroy all the benefits you are supposed to derive from it, therefore in choosing a good yogurt ensure there is no artificial sweeteners, flavor, preservatives and color. Greek yogurt is one of the best it has a high content of protein that is perfect for proper body function, above all low fat yogurt if produced from low fat milk . 

Nutritional facts of eating yogurt regularly

Similarly, the amazing benefits of eating yogurt regularly is because it contains the essential nutrient required for optimal body function such as, riboflavin and vitamin B which is prefect for pregnant woman as it guard against neural tube defects common birth defects of the spinal cord or brain. In the same vein this vitamins also prevent development of heart disease.

The potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium content are necessary for controlling of blood pressure; it’s equally fortified with vitamin D that supports healthy bones as well as calcium for teeth.

In addition, the high protein in this food stimulates metabolism process by transforming whatever eating into energy; during such process calories are eliminated. On the other hand increasing the intake of protein is vital for regulating appetite.

Eating yogurt regularly

Eating yogurt regularly helps prevent H. pylori infection since they are the major cause of peptic ulcer in the stomach and small intestine, subsequently, DL-Lactic acid present in this food protect the bacteria from duplicating and eradicate it completely from the stomach. 

Health Benefits of Eating Yogurt Regularly

Healthy Heart

 In fact the fat in this food has always being question until lately research has shown that consuming whole milk saturated fat improves cholesterol level especially the good HDL, so including this food in your diet helps reduce blood pressure in men and women.

Aids Probiotic

 Probiotic are good bacteria gotten from fermented milk, probiotic further enhance healthy digestive system as it assist taking in extra nutrients in the food we eat across the digestive tract and strengthen immune.

Maintain balance weight eating yogurt

Good yogurt helps maintain a balance weight, meanwhile, the protein in this food is higher than when compare to calories intake as a result those that eat this food regularly are bound to maintain a healthy and stable weight in the long run.

Healthy bones

The vitamins and minerals in this food for instance calcium, potassium, vitamin D and protein are very vital nutrients for the bones, that is to say bone diseases are minimize especially those related to age example is osteoporosis.


Yogurt is good but may not be a good option for those with lactose tolerance since their body lacks the necessary enzyme required for breaking down lactose, it can cause diarrhea or stomach pain each time it’s been taken. Though cases like allergies may occur in some individual, finally when buying a yogurt choose wisely by going through the label and see the content such as preservatives, sweetener and most importantly expiring dates.


2 liters of milk

2 table spoons starter culture

Method of preparation

  • Get a clean pot pour your milk inside it then heat it up for about 2 minutes to be warm and remove from fire.
  • Add your starter culture into the milk and stir until it’s properly dissolves smooth into the warm milk.
  • Pour it out into a rubber cane or tight fitting containers cover with a tick towel in a hot area for about 6-7 hours if it has not fermented enough allow more time.
  • Refrigerate to chill
  • Serve with fruits, sweetener (optional) or dates fruits

Serve and enjoy!

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