Enjoy your Homemade Kunu drink (Millet)

Kunu is a nutritious drink prepared with millet and other ingredients, However when perfectly made taste very sweet; kunu is a household name in Nigeria.  During most festive season this local juice such as “kunu” are served for refreshment. Millet is a staple food in the Northern part on Nigeria.

kunu drink

Kunu millet drink is delicious and rehydrates the body as soon as you drink it especially during the hot whether condition. Millet comes in different species and colors it can be eaten in various ways such as cooked, baked and can also be juiced.

Health Benefits of Kunu drink – Millet Drink

Controls Diabetes:  kunu drink improves insulin sensitivity thereby reducing blood sugar level among those suffering from type 2 diabetes.

Immune Booster: Millet is rich antioxidant which fights against free radicals in the body, as a result improves proper functioning of the body. 

Improves hydration: the content of water in kunu is excellent for the entire body system, because it’s rehydrate the body and gives energy.

Relax the body: the ginger and cloves in kunu drink help relaxes the nerves and controls blood pressure. similarly, it helps reduce tension and stress in the body living you on a relaxed mood and helps you sleep better.

Lower cholesterol level: it also helpful in the case of cholesterol management based on the ginger and cloves included in it.

Healthy heart: millet also contains phytonutrient which helps prevent related heart diseases.

Aids digestion: this drink is rich in fiber consequently promotes good bowel movement and eliminate constipation.  

Excellent for nursing mothers: Kunu is good for breast feeding mothers since it helps the breast milk produce more for the child to feed on.

How to Make Kunu Drink – Millet Drink


4 cups of millet

1 tablespoon of ginger (dried or fresh)

2 medium sizes of sweet potato

1 ½ tablespoon of Cloves

Sugar (Optional)


Method of preperation

Wash the millet and remove all particles

Soak overnight inside a bowl with enough water

Wash your ginger, cloves and sweet potatoes, chop your sweet potato into small cubes and soak all ingredients in a separate bowl for about 4 hours.

Blend all ingredients together and then share it into 2 equal parts in separate bowls

Boil hot water and pour into one part of the blended millet mixture and stir immediately for about 45 seconds, after that allow to cool and don’t cover.

Is time to use the second part of the blended mixture, add water to make it light then pour all into the 1st part that is now cold and stir very well to smooth.

Finally, filter your drink to remove chaff by using muslin cloth and add sugar (optional)

Millet drink Kunu is ready

Serve chilled!!!

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