Fisherman Soup – How to Make Rivers Native Soup

Fisherman Soup
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Fisherman Soup – How to Make Rivers Native Soup Recipe – Fisherman Soup Recipe

The fisherman’s soup is highly popular in Nigeria’s Niger-Delta states, particularly in Rivers, Akwa Ibom, Cross River, and Bayelsa riverine communities. This delicacy became famous among the inhabitants of these villages. As a result, the majority of people in these areas make their living from the sea; as fishermen.

However, these people who live by the riverine region cook the freshest fish soup delicacy.

Because the fisherman’s soup is mostly made with seafood, it has lots of health benefits.

Basically, Seafood is high-protein, Omega-3 fatty acid, and low-calorie. It contains vitamins and minerals too. Seafood has been shown to offer several health benefits in the human body. Seafood has the capacity to reduce the risk of heart attack. It assists in decreasing the danger of stroke incidence; and a decrease in the risk of obesity and hypertension are only a few of the health benefits.

However, this soup may be made in a variety of ways, each of which is unique to a community in the Niger Delta. While some individuals prepare this dish using tomatoes, others do not. Okro is used by some individuals and not by others. Again, some people choose to thicken the soup with Garri, while others choose pounded yam, Ofor, Achi, or cocoyam as thickeners. The many methods for preparing this delicacy demonstrate culinary versatility rather than implying that one method is superior to another.

What is fisherman soup made of?

fisherman soup is a combination of fresh fish, shrimps, prawn, periwinkle, salt and 1 seasoning cube. Other ingredients like scotch bonnet, Ofor thickening agent, palm oil, crayfish, uziza or scent leaf vegetable are all cooked into a delicious dish.

How Long Does It Take to Make Rivers Native Soup?

Seafood cooks in a matter of minutes, so, it takes little time to make this soup. It’s important to remember that this soup tastes best when it’s hot and spicy.

How to Make Rivers Native Soup – Fisherman Soup Recipe


  • 2 Fresh Fish (Catfish or tilapia)
  • 1 Cup of Shrimps
  • 1 Cup Periwinkle (Isam)
  • Crabs
  • 2 Cup Fresh Crayfish (Cleaned)
  • 1 small-size tin tomato (sachet)
  • 2 handful of sliced Uziza Leaf or Scent leaf
  • 1 medium-size Onion
  • 2 Cups Ngolo (optional)
  • ½ cup Ofor powder for thickening
  • 2 cubes seasoning
  • 1 tbsp Crayfish grounded
  • ½ cup of Palm Oil
  • 1 tablespoon Scotch Bonnet Pepper (Atarodo)
  • Salt      

Instructions – How to Make Fisherman Soup

Firstly, clean the shrimps, crabs, Periwinkle, and catfish thereafter, use hot water and salt to wash the seafoods.

Secondly, place all seafood into a clean pot, add in the sliced onions, pepper, salt, and seasoning cube with little water and steam.

Thirdly, get another clean empty pot and place it in the fire, pour in the palm oil and bleach for few minutes; after that add the slice onions and stir fry.

Add the tin tomatoes stir fry, then pour in the Ofor thickener and fry for few seconds. The next step is to pour in the fish stock (water from the steam fish, if it’s not much add a little more water).

Stir to combine all the fried ingredients, and then add your crayfish, pepper, and Ngolo cover and allow boiling.

Finally, add the steam catfish, shrimps, crabs, and periwinkle; adjust salt to taste and check how thick the soup is. Assuming the soup is too thick add little water to loosen it, but if it’s too watery add a little Ofor powder to thicken.

Gently stir your soup to avoid the fish scattering inside the pot, and then sprinkle your sliced scent leaves or Uziza leaf into your pot of soup

At this point your soup is ready, simply remove it from heat/fire.

Served with Fufu, Pounded yam, Eba, or Semo swallow with this delicious soup.

Fisherman Soup
Fisherman Soup 

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