21 Most Popular Nigerian Soups You Can’t Resist

Nigerian Soups

21 Best Most Popular Soups in Nigeria – Top Popular Nigerian Soups | Different types of Nigerian Soups

Nigerian soups are simple to make and they are actually delicious. Here’s where you’ll discover how to prepare some of the most popular Nigerian soups.

Similarly, these Nigerian native soups are unique dish that pairs well with Nigerian swallows called Fufu.

However, Fufu is a commonly used term for food that you swallow while eating, such as Garri (Eba), Amala, Akpu (fufu), Tuwo, Pounded yam, Semolina, Wheat, and so on.


21 Best Most Popular Nigerian Soups You Can’t Resist

Egusi Soup

Delicious Okro Soup – Okra Soup

Ewedu Soup

EdikaIkong Soup – Vegetable Soup

BitterLeaf Soup – Ofe Onugbu

Oha Soup – Ofe Ora

Efo Riro Soup

Afang Soup

Ogbono Soup

Nigerian Soups
Ogbono Soup

Fisherman Soup – Rivers Native Soup

Gbegiri Soup

Black Soup

Nsala Soup – White Soup

Nsala Soup
Nsala Soup – Ofe Nsala

Miyan Taushe

Banga Soup

Groundnut Soup – Peanut Soup

Miyan Kuka

Pepper Soup

Ofe Owerri – Owerri Soup

Ofe Owerri
Image Source: Sodic Garden

Owho Soup – Owo Soup

Egusi Pepper Soup

 Nigerian Soups
Egusi Pepper Soup

These are the Best Most Popular Soups in Nigeria Serve and Joy with any of your choice swallow/Fufu

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