Fried Hot Dogs – How to Perfectly Fry Hot Dog

Fried Hot Dogs

A deep fried hot dogs recipe can be so delicious and flavorful, pan fry hot dog is a popular method of cooking this simple mouthwatering meat.

Basically, hot dogs are already pre-cooked, so they are actually not really raw meat and can be eaten just the way it is. However, it’s necessary to reheat your hot dogs as the case may be; reheating Hotdogs gives it more taste.

Different Ways of Cooking Hot Dogs

There are different methods of cooking and processing your hot dogs in other to infuse more flavors into the meat, such as

  • Pan-fried hot dogs recipe
  • Boiled hot dogs
  • Grilled hot dogs recipe
  • Microwave hot dog

Moreover, in which ever way or style you choose to cook your hotdogs, they still taste great.

How to Make Deep Fried Hot Dogs at Home


  • 10 pcs Hot dogs
  • 1/2 cup of vegetable oil

Instructions on How to cook hot dogs

First to make deep-fried hot dogs, it is best to add a reasonable quantity of oil or fat to your frying pan. When frying 10 hot dogs in a frying pan I used 1/2 cup of veg oil or soya bean oil. This will make your hot dogs more palatable, and they will not stick to the pan when deep frying.

When the oil in the frying pan is hot, pour in the hot dogs; Turn them a few times and cook on medium flame for 2-3 minutes.

Similarly, baked hot dogs are made in the same way as pan-fried hot dogs, but do not require extra fat.

Finally, by deep frying your hot dogs, a thick layer will develop during frying and they will become slightly curved. Place your hot dogs in a hot pan and deep fry them for 3 minutes. Remove from Heat as the color turn golden brown.

Serve Hot Dog Sausage

Fried hot dog is the perfect recipe just like a cooked hot dog. Enjoy them as an appetizer or main dish with bread crumbs or fried with cheese. Season them with ketchup, mustard, or mayonnaise to give that perfect taste of sausage for breakfast or add eggs into the recipe for a yummy fried hot dogs and eggs recipe.

Serve and enjoy at any point in time!

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