Fried Sweet Potatoes

These fried sweet potatoes are simple to prepare and delicious! Basically, these soft inner and crispy outer delicate sweet potato slices will be a hit with everyone!

Sweet potatoes may be cooked in a variety of ways, including boiling, baking, mashing, and even in the microwave. However, when it comes to sweet potato preparation, the easy frying approach is sometimes ignored. You’re in for a treat if you’ve never tried cooking sweet potato slices in a frying pan!

Simply heat oil in a large nonstick frying pan, add sliced sweet potatoes, and cook, stirring every 2 minutes, until the sweet potato fries are nicely browned and fully cooked and tender. Finish with a dash of chili powder or other seasonings of your choice. It’s scrumptious!

Meanwhile, a good breakfast with eggs would be fantastic with these fried sweet potatoes fries! It makes my mouth wet just thinking about it!

One thing to keep in mind while frying, like with any other form of cooking, is not to overcrowd the frying pan. In a large 12-inch frying pan, slice one sweet potato. If the quantity is much probably for the entire family, cook them in batches or simultaneously in two frying pans over two burners.

Moreover, for additional ideas, go through my growing collection of sweet potato recipes!

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How to Make Fried Sweet Potatoes Recipe


  • 4 medium size sweet potatoes tubes
  • Veg oil for frying
  • Salt (Optional)

Direction on How to Fry Sweet Potatoes in Nigeria

  1. First of all, peel and slice your sweet potatoes into any desired shape or size; thereafter, wash and place in a sieve allow draining while you set aside.
  2. Secondly, Place the oil in a big saucepan on a low heat setting. When the oil is heated enough, gently place the potatoes in the pan. (Be careful not to overcrowd the oil with potato pieces; if you do, the potatoes will not crisp up.)
  3. Thirdly, Potatoes should be fried till golden brown then flip to the other side and fry the same way.
  4. Finally, remove from frying pan into a sieve lined with a paper towel to drain.

Serve with ketchup or raw chili to taste.

Cooking Tips

Similarly, you can air fry sweet potato, oven fried, bake sweet potato too; so sweet potato fries air fryer is another simplest method to cook sweet potato

Are fried sweet potatoes healthy?

Yes! Sweet potato fries have slightly more calories and carbohydrates than French fries, but they also have greater vitamin A content, providing them a nutritional advantage. Deep fries of any sort, given in over-sized amounts as they are served in many restaurants; may, however, raise your risk of weight gain as well as related health issues.

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