Honey Mustard Chicken – Honey Glazed Chicken Recipe

Honey mustard chicken

Honey mustard chicken recipe is a simple dish of sweetness made from scratch with chicken drumsticks glazed with honey, a perfect meal for the day’s menu.

Honey glazed chicken recipe tastes very yummy, I love the taste, it’s really a tooth delight and I am sure you will like it, try out this recipe as I await feedback from you.

In Nigeria, honey glazed chicken is not as common as breaded or baked chicken and chips.

Baked chicken thighs, breast, or wings with honey and mustard are tender and creamy easy to make at home, there are different types of mustard cream in the market, but Dijon mustard is my to-go sauce for this recipe.

Homemade honey mustard chicken can be enjoyed with pasta or potatoes, the kids will always demand for more because of the sweet coated honey chicken.

What are Mustard and Honey?

Mustard is a range of condiments made from mustard seed plant, with a taste ranging from sweet to spicy and is mainly paired with meats, commonly used as ingredients in marinades, soups, glazes, and sauce.

Meanwhile, honey is a sweet food viscous substance produced by bees, honey is an excellent source of antioxidant; consuming honey on a regular basis will help cleanse the body from various toxins.

How to Make Honey Mustard Chicken Recipe

Ingredients for Honey Chicken

  • 1 Kg chicken thighs or chicken wings
  • ½ cup Honey
  • ½ cup Mustard
  • 2 tablespoons oil
  • Pepper
  • Salt to taste


  1. First and foremost, wash your chicken wings or thighs, part dry; in a bowl mix the mustard, honey, pepper, and salt together.
  2. Secondly, pour in the sauce mixture into the chicken and mix properly with the chicken; you can adjust the mustard quantity to your taste, allow chicken marinade for the next 1-2 hours in the fridge.
  3. Thirdly, because I wanted a fast option, I fried it, in any case, you can always stick to oven bake to finish at 180C.
  4. Finally, when pan-frying it on low medium heat, stir continuously to avoid burnt chicken, since I want to retain that honey and mustard taste on it.
  5. Lastly, I still have to finish it up by adding more spoons of honey and mustard sauce as I finally bake for 20 minutes as you toss front and back to achieve that gloss nice look.
  6. Delicious well-baked honey chicken is ready.

Serve and enjoy!

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