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Date Sugar
Date Powder

Date Powder also referred to as Organic Date Sugar, is a natural product made from dates. Dates are delicious when added to Oats, Smoothies, Pap (Ogi), custard, or baked recipes; and can be used in place of cane sugar or some other sweetener in a recipe. They aren’t soluble like sugar and therefore don’t dissolve in liquid. Instead, they provide fiber, which aids digestion.

Basically, dates have a lower glycemic index than cane sugar because their fiber content slows the digestion of complex carbohydrates all through the intestines. If you want to reduce your sugar intake, dates are an excellent way to do so. Dates sugar are a nutrient-dense sugar that offer more than just a sweet delight, thanks to their potassium and calcium content, as well as trace minerals, vitamins, and free radical-fighting polyphenols.

Since it has a longer shelf life, dried date powder may be a good substitute. It’s simple to make dry date powder/date sugar at home, and it’s a great sugar and honey alternative for the entire family. Dates powder has a lot of advantages that you won’t get from honey or candy, but it also has sugar in it.

Are dried dates healthy?

Yes dried dates are healthy! Polyphenols are abundant in powdered dates. These compounds have many health advantages, including improved metabolism, diabetes control, and even cancer prevention. While many dried fruits are high in polyphenols, dried dates are the most abundant. Proven Health Benefits of dates

What is the white powder on dates?

What is the Purpose of the White Stuff on Dates? The white substance on the outside of a date is natural sugar crystallizing and working its way to the outside of the date on rare occasions.

How do you eat dried dates?

Dry dates can be eaten whole or pitted and filled with ingredients like walnuts, almonds, or cream cheese. When looking at how to use date powder? Dates can be diced and used in a variety of sweet and savory recipes, as well as Cakes, puddings, bread, cookies, smoothies, and the likes.

Can Eating Dry Dates Make You Gain Weight?

No! Dates will help you lose weight if you eat them in moderation. Excessive use of any substance will result in weight gain. Consume 4 to 5 dates a day to satisfy your sweet tooth and keep starvation at bay.

Can we drink dates soaked water?

Yes! Date sugar water is a basic flavored drink that has many health benefits for men and women alike. Soaking dates in water softens them, allowing the sugar to come out more easily. It’s a fantastic addition to your diet, particularly if you’re fasting.

Date powder also called Debino powder in Nigeria is not as common as date juice or date syrup. So, lots of families are not too familiar with this date powder recipe when compared to Date syrup/Date honey.

The price of date powder varies because the fruit is usually seasonal. Similarly, in Lagos, you can always order your date powder online like Jumia or visit the nearest shopping mall.

How to Make Date Powder At Home – Debino Powder | Date Sugar


  • 2 cups Dry Date fruits / Debino/Ajwa

Method of Preparing Date Powder

  1. First of all, wash the dates by rinsing them in water and patting them dry with a clean kitchen towel. This is particularly relevant if you purchased them on the street and they have been subjected to dirt and dust.
  2. Secondly, remove the dates’ seeds and coarsely cut them with a sharp knife. If the dates are very difficult to chop; the dates may be cracked and de-seeded with a mortar and pestle.
  3. After that, place the chopped dates out on a plate and leave them to dry for 5-7 days. The well-dried date pieces should be very easy to break when blending into a powder.
  4. Finally, the dates can then be ground in a mixer grinder. In small batches, add the sun-dried dates and grind to a smooth powder.

Using the date powder as a natural sweetener for energy snacks in foods is good; then store it in an airtight bottle.

Is it okay if I gave my baby Date Sugar? Babies Date powder

It’s important to have the right amount of nutrients with a well-balanced diet for your baby’s healthy growth and development. If you’re wondering if your baby is ready for dates, the answer is yes once he or she reaches the age of eight months. Dates are ideal for a developing baby because they have vital nutrients that breast milk alone may lack.

Date Powder Health Benefits for Babies

  • Minerals such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium, as well as Vitamin A, are abundant.
  • Dietary fiber is abundant in this food powder.
  • Constipation is relieved by loosening the bowels.
  • Iron-rich foods save babies from being anemic.
Date Powder

Frequently Asked Questions on Date Powder

What is date powder used for?

It is an excellent alternative to refined sugar because it is healthy and natural. Date powder is used for confectionery, pastry, and cereal all contain date powder. Date powder is made from dates that have been dried, crushed, and ground into flour .

Is date powder good for health?

Polyphenolic compounds are abundant in dried dates. These substances offer a wide range of health benefits, including improved digestion, control of diabetes, and even cancer prevention. Despite the high level of polyphenols in many dried fruits, dried dates are the most abundant source.

Is date powder considered added sugar?

Date sugar is created from unrefined fruit, hence it is not considered to be an added sugar. In contrary to the highly processed fruit juice concentrates found in many packaged foods.

What happens if you eat dates everyday?

Experts recommend eating dates everyday as a snack which can help one feel energized all day. date fruits treat constipation, help promote weight loss, strengthen bone health, boost immunity, improve heart and brain health, and even prevent diseases like Alzheimer’s or various types of cancer or other chronic diseases.

Can dates Cause diabetes?

Dates have a low Glycemic index, making them a safe choice for diabetics as they won’t cause a spike in blood sugar levels. But should not consume more than 2-3 pieces a day

Do dates make you poop?

A healthy laxative that helps with constipation is dates. Dates are a wonderful laxative and aid in digestion, which you may or may not find to be a good thing. As a result, dates make a convenient snack for when you need to poop. Dates’ high fiber content makes them useful in this way.

Who should avoid eating dates?

You should keep in mind that your body is highly competent of digesting food every single day. Dates contain a lot of sorbitol, a sugar alcohol that can increase bowel motions and is best avoided if you have diarrhea. Due to their high fructose content, dates may also be best avoided by people with IBS or allergies.

Do dates have caffeine?

Date seeds can be used to make delicious coffee rich in antioxidants and it does not contain any form of caffeine.

Are dates good for your liver?

Date extracts function to both promote liver health and ward against liver fibrosis. Dates help your liver work properly, which supports natural detoxification because the liver is responsible for removing waste and potentially dangerous substances from your body.

Are dates good for kidneys?

Dates, apples, spinach, and omega 3 fatty acids are a few examples of foods that are excellent for the kidneys. We advise concentrating on eating nutrients that decrease inflammation and oxidative damage. Since it is the proper course of action to lower your risk of chronic kidney disease and kidney damage.

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