How to Make White Rice on the Stove

How to make white rice on the stove top is quite simple all you need is a pot, stovetop, and 2 cups of white rice on this note your fluffy, tender rice is good to go with a perfectly made chicken stew or beef sauce and green bean casserole side dish.

Basically rice is a versatile food that can be easily incorporated into diverse recipes when properly cooked, never the less after taken you on a step-by-step on how to cook white rice on a stovetop, there won’t be any more mistakes of overcooked sticky rice, undercooked white rice, and burnt white rice.

Meanwhile, polish white rice are gotten from whole grain rice, it’s usually the remnant after extracting the germ mostly use to make oil, the bran, in the same vein, the endosperm  which is refer to as the white rice.

Certainly, cooked white rice is equally tasty on the other hand; it contains some nutrient like carbohydrate that is essential for optimal functioning of the body.

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How to make minute Rice

There are different ways on how to make minute rice commonly refers to as instant rice; they are already parboiled rice that requires less time to cook either on a stovetop or electric cooker.

Instructions on how to make minute rice

  • Using a saucepan or pot, pour water inside and boil, the same quantity of water as the rice
  • Add rice, stir and cover as it cooks in minute on a very high heat
  • Allow the rice absorb all the water to dry.

This is how easy it is to make minute rice that is fluffy and nutritious.

How to make Rice Water for Diarrhea

Rice water basically, is used to stop frequent stooling which is known as acute diarrhea it has always been the traditional therapy for diarrhea.

In making rice water for diarrhea the number of water increases in other to get enough water that is actually need for the treatment of diarrhea.

Using 2 cups of rice and 5 cups water bring water to boil

Add the rice then cook for 7 minutes before extracting the white milky starchy water for drinking in other to stop frequent stooling called diarrhea.

Methods of Cooking White Rice

There are several ways on how to cook white rice and still be enjoyed they are as follows;

  • Cooking white rice on the stove
  • Cooking white rice using a rice cooker
  • Cooking white rice on a gas cooker
  • Cook white rice on a charcoal pot
  •  Cook white rice using a hot plate( electric cooker)
  • Cook white rice on microwave

How to Cook White Rice on the Stove


  1. 1 cup of white rice
  2. 4 cups of water( separate into 2 places)
  3. ½ teaspoon salt
  4. ½ teaspoon butter(optional)

Step 1 on how to precook white Rice on the stove

  • First of all, rinse your rice with water and sieve; I love to rinse my rice using water in other to remove the dusty starch that comes along with the rice.
  • Secondly, get a clean pot and pour 2 cups of water into the pot as you place on the stovetop allow boiling.
  •  Pour in the rice into the boiling water, stir and cook for 5 – 7 minutes thereafter, pour away the milky white starchy water rinse repeatedly until the water comes out clean leave on the strainer.

Step 2 on how to Make white Rice on the Stove

  • This last step is very important, using the same pot, pour in the remaining 2 cups of water allow boiling.
  • Afterward, pour the precook rice into the boiling water, at this point, the water stops boiling, mealy looking at it you think is cold. Don’t ever make the mistake of dipping your finger into the pot because it will burn off your skin.
  • Stir, ensure the water is slightly above the rice if not add more water and subsequently, add salt, then butter, just like I said butter is optional after that allow to cook for 20 minutes.
  • Furthermore, continue to check in other to ascertain when the water is completely dry and perfectly cooked, finally remove from stovetop and off the fire.

Serve and enjoy!

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