Party Jollof and Fried Rice with Moi Moi and Fish

Fried rice

What a beautiful, colorful rice dish you can’t resist any time any day; Nigerian Party Jollof rice and Fried rice with fish and moi moi combo.

Jollof rice popularly known as “Party Jollof” with fried rice is one delicacy people don’t want to miss in most parties.

Party Jollof rice, Fried rice with fish and moi moi can equally be served at home for a family weekend treat everyone will definitely love it!

Nigerian Fried Rice is a very simple and tasty recipe. This recipe depends on a lot of fresh vegetables like carrots, green peas, sweet corn, spring onions; and a slight amount of oil to crisp it up. Moreover, you can always adjust the ingredient to your taste.

Meanwhile, Party Jollof is that smoky tomato rice that is usually served in every Nigerian party. However, Nigerian parties are incomplete without Nigerian Jollof rice or fried rice, but only few people know how to prepare it properly. Allow me to demonstrate how to make the best Nigerian Jollof and fried rice combo one plate dish.

Homemade 10 ingredients fried rice without frying is another style of cooking fried rice. This simple list of fried rice and spices for Jollof rice will make the dish taste delicious just like the ones you eat in parties.

How to Make Party Fried Rice, Jollof with Fish and Moi moi

10 Ingredient Fried Rice Recipes

  • 2 cups of rice
  • carrots
  • Fresh Green peas/ Green beans
  • Fish or Chicken
  • Curry and thyme
  • Seasoning cubes
  • Spring onion
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Salt to taste
  • Cow Liver (optional)

Jollof Rice Secret Ingredients



First of all, you need to parboil your long grain rice, rinse, drain water, and set aside.

Secondly, spice and cook the liver and chicken in case is chicken you intend to use until it’s completely tender. Thereafter, chop liver into tiny a cubes/chunks and fry; you can as well Fry the chicken also and keep aside. But for this recipe is fried fish coated in tomato and pepper stew. Don’t forget to also preserve the stock.

Thirdly, in a clean dry pot, pour in the vegetable oil and heat.

Next is to stir in the spring onion, stir fry for few seconds, add in the carrot, green peas and green pepper and stir fry for about 3 minutes.

Finally, pour in the chicken broth/stock; add the seasoning cubes, liver, curry, thyme and salt to taste.

Lastly is to pour in the parboiled rice stir all ingredients together and cook for another 5-7 minutes, hurray your fried rice is read.

Similarly, when done with cooking fried rice. Prepare your Jollof rice immediately follow these simple step by step on how to cook party Jollo; Likewise your moi moi and the fish.

Serve and enjoy your Jollof rice and Fried rice with moi moi and fish.

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