Peppered Fried Plantain with Chicken – ChickenDodo Recipe

Dodo Recipe
ChickenDodo Recipe

Peppered fried plantain with chicken also known as chickendodo recipe is a sumptuous dish perfect for an appetizer, dessert, or side dish to a meal. It’s a tasty and delicious food cooked with ripe plantains stir together with fried chicken cubes, pepper, and tomato sauce.

Basically, plantain either ripe or unripe (Green plantains) is a staple food in some parts of Africa, especially in Nigerian. Its versatile in nature goes well with virtually everything you pair with it; chickenDodo is one of such perfect combination.

In Nigerian plantain recipes are uncountable; it can be eaten as fried, roasted, boiled/cooked, and grilled.

Homemade peppered fried plantain recipe with chicken (Chickendodo) is very easy to cook, It’s a delicacy you will love I can assure you that. Give your family a special treat they will love at all times; and even ask for more.

Moreover, plantains are of the same family as banana, tougher, and bigger in size; and are more starchy compare to banana. They are usually cooked before eaten, unlike banana that is eaten raw when it is ripe.

Plantain can help in weight loss

Approximately, 100g of plantain provides about 8 percent of the recommended daily dietary fiber. Fiber does not burn fat. Rather, it helps to lose weight based on the fact that high-fiber foods tend to have less energy, so they provide fewer calories per gram of food.

How to Make Peppered plantain with Chicken – ChickenDodo

ChickenDodo Ingredients

  • 2 ripe plantains
  • 4 fresh tomatoes
  • 8 -10 pcs scotch bonnet pepper (Atarodo)
  • 1 large-size onion
  • 2 seasoning cube
  • ¼ teaspoon ginger and garlic
  • ¼ teaspoon curry and thyme
  • ½ kg chicken (Boneless chicken)
  • Salt to taste
  • Vegetable oil

Instructions on ChickenDodo Recipe

  1. First of all, cut and remove the plantain skin, thereafter slice to desired size and shape, for this dodo recipe it is cut into chunks. Sprinkle salt on it, toss to mix together set aside.
  2. Secondly, in a frying pan, heat your vegetable oil, stir in the sliced plantains and fry into a golden brown color; flip to the other side, and repeat the same process. Ensure both sides are properly fried, and then remove from oil into a sieve allow the oil to drain.
  3. Thirdly, Wash and cut boneless chicken into chunks, place in a pot, then spice with onion, curry, thyme, ginger, garlic, salt, and seasoning cube. Add little water and cook to tender. Then remove from heat drain water, fry your chicken chunks, and also keep aside.
  4. Next is to wash and slice your tomatoes, onions, and pepper, and then reduce the quantity of vegetable oil to 4 tablespoons. Heat and stir fry the tomatoes, pepper, and onions for 5 minutes.
  5. Finally, add seasoning cube, salt, and stir in the fried plantain and fried chicken. Gently stir to combine properly; at this point, the food is ready remove from fire.

Serve and enjoy!

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