Soaked Garri – Cassava Flakes Perfect Nigerian Cereal

Soaked garri also known as cassava flakes is a perfect Nigerian cereal that is popular. Garri can also be eaten as a snack without actually cooking just by pouring it on a deep bowl and then add sugar or honey, milk, groundnut with cold water. However, it can also be mixed in hot water to make Eba and serve with Egusi soup or any other Nigerian soup.

Soaked garri is an energy giving food and is mostly eating in the afternoon especially in Nigeria. Some people can’t really do without drinking garri each passing day, at this point; moderation is still the key to a balanced diet.

Back in the days of boarding school it is called GSM (Garri, sugar, and milk), soakis, asoaky, and was baptized as cassava flakes. It foods that advertise itself and a most have in school even at home.

What is the English Name for Garri?

The English name for garri is granulated cassava, Coarse-grain cassava or cassava granular and pronounced as gari by many tribes in Nigerian. Granulated cassava is also known as garri, gali, gari, garry, or tapioca in West African.

What is Soaked Garri?

Soaking garri, cassava flakes, drinking ijebu garri is a method by which the garri is soaked in water and other toppings like milk, roasted groundnuts, sugar or honey is added to enjoy the soaked gari cereal better.

Garri is gotten from fermented cassava. Cassava tubers when harvested fresh from the farm, the next step is to peel, after that wash, grated, and transfer into a bag and tie; Thereafter press using the adjustable machine to remove excess water(starch). Allow to ferment and dry, then sieve before frying to make gari using a clay pot.

Moreover, when frying for yellow garri, palm oil is added to form the yellow color of garri, the white garri is fried plain without oil.

The moment pan-frying of the gari is complete, speed it out allow to cool, subsequently, pack in a sack bag ready for sale for mass production or consumption if it is for personal use.

Locally, cassava tubers can also be used to produce Tapioca (Abacha), Akpu (Fufu), and Garri (Granulated cassava).

Best Garri for Drinking – Ijebu Garri

The best garri for drinking still remain Ijebu garri because of its sour taste and that sour taste is caused by the number of days it took while sitting on the rack before frying.

Certainly, adding milk and sugar into the sour taste of Ijebu garri is just the ultimate and you will always want to take more.

Most people from the Eastern part of Nigerian prefer the yellow gari for drinking.

Health Benefit of Soaked Garri with Milk

Garri is a good source of carbohydrate, rich in fiber that aids digestive as well as prevents stomach cancer, cassava root also contains calcium and iron. While the milk contains calcium for healthy bone mass, protein repairs muscle tissue, potassium is for healthy blood pressure, vitamin D equally for bones, Vitamin B12 very essential for the production of red blood cells, and Phosphorus.

Gari and kuli-kuli is a popular cereal in the Northern part of Nigerian. Kuli kuli (in Hausa Language) is derived from processed groundnut.

Different Ways to Enjoy Soaked Garri Nigerian Style

Below is a list of Nigerian dishes that can be combined with soaked garri:

  • Moi moi with soaked garri
  • Beans and garri (Porridge beans and garri)
  • Garri served with kuli-kuli peanut, sugar and milk
  • Soaked garri served with fried or smoked fish
  • Drinking garri with coconut, milk and sugar
  • Garri with avocado pear and sugar
  • Almond milk with garri and sugar
  • Roasted Nigerian pear with garri
  • Cashew nuts with garri, sugar and milk
  • Garri served with banana, milk, and groundnuts
  • Cassava flakes with tiger nuts and coconut
  • Garri served with akara
  • Soaking only garri with a pinch of salt and groundnut

How Many Calories are in Garri

How many calories are there in a cup of gari? This food is derived from cassava tubers which are rich in carbohydrate. A single cup of garri has approximately 360 calories of which about 99 percent is pure carbohydrate.

Basically, regular consumption of this food increases the level of carb intake that might lead to unavoidable weight gain. Well for those on weight loss diet plan is a no go area.

Is Drinking Garri Good For a Pregnant Woman?

Lots of pregnant women like drinking garri either morning, afternoon, or night. Sincerely, the sour taste of the garri prevents vomit.

The Lassa fever outbreak was transmitted by a rodent (rat) and several pregnant women died from Lassa fever because the garri was not properly covered from a rodent that infected the garri through its urine. Pregnant women should avoid drinking gari.

Endeavor to make your soaked garri healthy by adding milk and preferable Honey in place of sugar or go for Eba.  When soaking garri you will need 1 cup of garri with 2 -3 cups of water.

Ingredients for Soaked Garri

  1. ½ cup Garri
  2. 2 cups of sugar or honey (optional)
  3. ½ cup roasted groundnuts
  4. 1 ½ cup of water
  5. Milk (powdered)

If you are using liquid milk reduce the quantity of water. Pour all ingredients in a plate and add water, stir and your appetizing smoked garri is ready.

Serve and enjoy!

What is the Side Effects of Garri?

Gari is gotten from cassava tubers and it contains hydrocyanic acid, but the rigorous process gari passes through helps reduce the Cyanide content. So, the disadvantage of consuming garri excessively is because Cyanide is linked to eye defects.

According to an Ophthalmologist, “Cyanide is slightly similar in structure to Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin). So it competes with Vitamin B12 replacing it and adversely affecting rapidly growing tissues that are regularly being renewed such as the skin, peripheral nerves, and the nerves of the eye (optic nerve). It is the involvement of optic nerve which can lead to eye defect and blindness.

Is soaked Garri healthy?

Yes, soaked Garri can be a healthy option as it is made from cassava, which is a good source of carbohydrates. However, the healthiness can vary depending on what it’s paired with or how it’s prepared.

FAQs About Soaked Garri

What does soaked Garri taste like?

Soaked Garri has a slightly sour taste due to the fermentation process involved in its production. The flavor can be enhanced by adding sugar, milk, or other flavorings.

Is soaked Garri gluten-free?

Yes, soaked Garri is gluten-free since it is made from cassava, which does not contain gluten.

Can soaked Garri be eaten alone?

Yes, soaked Garri can be eaten alone as a snack or as a quick meal. It’s common to pair it with sugar, milk, or groundnut (peanut) for added flavor.

Is soaked Garri a breakfast food?

No, soaked Garri is commonly eaten as a snack in West Africa. It’s quick to prepare and provides energy.

Can soaked Garri be used in cooking?

Yes, soaked Garri can be used in cooking various dishes. It can be added to soups, stews, or used as a base for snacks like Garri cakes.

How long does it take to soak Garri?

Garri typically takes about 2-3 minutes to soak, depending on personal preference for texture. Some people prefer it softer, while others prefer it slightly crunchy.

Is soaked Garri a traditional dish?

Yes, soaked Garri is a traditional dish in many West African countries, particularly Nigeria, Ghana, and Liberia.

Is soaked Garri suitable for vegans?

Yes, soaked Garri is suitable for vegans as it is made from cassava and does not contain any animal products.

Can soaked Garri be refrigerated?

Yes, you can refrigerate soaked Garri if you have leftovers. However, it’s best to consume it fresh as it can become soggy when refrigerated for too long.

What are the nutritional benefits of soaked Garri?

Soaked Garri is a good source of carbohydrates and provides energy. It also contains some vitamins and minerals found in cassava, such as vitamin C and manganese.

Is soaked Garri fattening?

Soaked Garri itself is not fattening, but the way it’s prepared or paired with other foods can affect its overall calorie content. For example, adding sugar or milk can increase its calorie count.

Can soaked Garri cause food poisoning?

If not prepared or stored properly, soaked Garri can potentially cause food poisoning due to bacterial contamination. It’s essential to use clean water and utensils and to consume it fresh or store it properly.

Can soaked Garri be eaten by people with diabetes?

People with diabetes should consume soaked Garri in moderation due to its carbohydrate content, which can affect blood sugar levels. It’s advisable to consult a healthcare provider for personalized dietary advice.

Can soaked Garri be used as a thickener?

Yes, soaked Garri can be used as a thickener in cooking, similar to how cornstarch or flour is used. It adds a unique flavor and texture to dishes.

Is soaked Garri suitable for children?

Yes, soaked Garri can be suitable for children, but it’s essential to consider their dietary needs and preferences. It’s a convenient and nutritious option for a quick meal or snack.

Can soaked Garri be served at parties or gatherings?

Yes, soaked Garri can be served at parties or gatherings as part of the menu, especially if you’re hosting an event with West African cuisine or want to offer a unique snack option.

Can soaked Garri be customized with toppings?

Yes, soaked Garri can be customized with various toppings based on personal preference. Common toppings include sugar, milk, groundnut (peanut), coconut, Fish, Suya, or even fruits like bananas or mangoes.



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