Star Apple (Udara/Agbalumo) Surprising Health benefits

Star apple this is the season when we enjoy this nutritious healthy fruit, it is popularly known as Udara in Igbo and Agbalumo in Yoruba language and scientifically called Chrysophyllum Albidum. Udara is not just an ordinary fruit it is more of traditional fruit and as such is treated with respect when pulping its juice, as the name implies it has a star shape on the inside with a chewable skin.

star apple

Star apple has a unique taste that is to say it can only be eating when is fully ripe else your teeth is in trouble because of the high acidic content of unripe Udara/Agbalumo.

 Star apple is so fleshy on the inside with whitish gummy fluids that comes out of it when squeezed, thou some species have sweet sour taste likewise some are extremely sweet. The seed are usually not edible but can be beneficial for other health purposes,  

Health Benefits of Star Apple (Udara/Abgalumo)

Pregnant women’s favorite: most pregnant women love star apple because of it sweet sour taste that helps prevents vomiting during pregnancy. Then for those that always crave for something to eat every now and then it keeps their month busy, it reduces constipation and aids digestion.

Fiber in star apple: the fiber in this fruit gives good bowel movement as well as proper functioning of the digestive tract; furthermore, those suffering from diabetes consume this fruit very well since it doesn’t spike up there sugar level rather it regulate the sugar level.

 Vitamins in star apple: it is rich in vitamins and minerals which is a good source of antioxidant that removes toxins from the body thereby giving you a healthy heart. Similarly, the calcium in it helps maintains strong bones and teeth, meanwhile the vitamin C is prefect for maintaining nourished skin based on the collagen production.

Low calories: it’s good for those on a diet plan; Star apple has low fat which is just the exact fruit for weight loss because they are always looking out for fruits and food that has low calorie. The fiber makes them full consequently, reduce craving.

In conclusion it is believe that the leaves, bark and root are prepared and consume for the treatment of cough and fever.

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