Healthy Lunch – Boiled sweet potatoes | Nigerian Recipe

Healthy Lunch

Boiled sweet potatoes cooked using Nigerian recipe is a perfect and healthy lunch, packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidant required for optimal body function. Certainly, this starchy tuber root vegetable is rich in potassium, sweet potato contains low calories which is an ideal food for weight loss plan and… Continue reading

Nigerian Homemade Pizza – How to Make Pizza

Homemade pizza

How to make a delicious homemade pizza recipe using flour and yeast to make pizza dough, likewise, cheese, sausage, and tomato sauce for toppings. However, this step-by-step pizza recipe is a guard on how to make healthy pizza, that can be eating at home, in the same vein, give your… Continue reading

Chicken Salad Recipe – Cabbage Core

chicken salad recipe

Fried chicken salad recipe is a delicious food that can be easily prepared at home in other words fried chicken salad recipe is basically core cabbage vegetable prepared with some other vegetables alongside with chicken thighs used in wrapping up such a perfect dish. Chicken salad recipe is quite tantalizing… Continue reading