Tangerine Nutritional facts and its Health Benefit

Tangerine nutritional facts and its health benefit is good because it is a sweet and nutritious citrus fruits filled with fiber, vitamin, and minerals that guard the body against various diseases, this fruit is often mistaken for orange also known as Mandarin orange and scientifically called Citrus Reticulata. Furthermore, tangerine is slightly smaller in size and sweeter in taste compare to orange on the other hand very easy to peel.


Tangerine is best eaten on its natural raw form; similarly, it can be taking as juice, chunks in dishes, smoothies and snack.    

Tangerine Nutritional facts

Tangerine nutritional fact includes high water content which is about 85% that replenishes the body whenever it’s been consumed, vitamin A, C, are good source of antioxidant that protect cells oxidation, Secondly it has low calories which is essential for proper weight management.

Basically the fiber in fruit is relatively high in soluble and insoluble fiber as a result free bowel movement is achieve, subsequently, lowers cholesterol likewise maintains good blood pressure. Meanwhile, it also contains thiamin, potassium, magnesium, calcium.

Tangerine health benefits

Promotes digestion

The dietary fiber in tangerine aids proper bowel movement in the same vein prevent constipation thereby maintaining proper functioning of the body, High fiber in mandarin terms to reduce cholesterol level slows down the rate at which sugar is being absorbed in the gut.

Improve vision

Carotenoid and vitamin A content in mandarin orange assist in reducing macular degeneration associated with age. Fruits rich in vitamin A have high probable chances in enchaining macular degeneration for a better eye sight.

Health heart

Vitamins and minerals are very important for proper functioning of the body, the fiber helps Lower bad LDL cholesterol on that note the risk of stoke is eliminated, Consequently, diet rich on fruits and vegetable guard against any form of heart disease.


Potassium is a mineral present in mandarin orange that helps regulate blood pressure by reducing excess sodium while the kidney ensures that excess volume of water is not stored in the body.


Tangerine is loaded with antioxidant which is good for the health but moderation is the key to every fruits and vegetable and shouldn’t be abuse. Another form of eating this fruit is making a juice, during this process the fiber is being minimized most noteworthy excessive intake of this fruit causes diarrhea.

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