Tuwo Masara – Tuwon Masara | Cornmeal Fufu


Tuwo masara recipe is a staple food in the North, cornmeal fufu is also a very popular dish in virtually every part of Nigeria. This delicious dish comes in different names the Igbos call it Nni oka (Nri oka); Tuwon Masara in Hausa, Tuwo in English is Cornmeal fufu, Corn swallow, and Amala a general name for swallow in Yoruba or Tuwo agbado in Yoruba language.

However, Tuwon masara is made from dried corn (Maize). This dried corn is then grounded into a powder form a very fine consistency; thereafter, it is being sieved to obtain fine tuwo flour.

Homemade maize flour is very easy to make and store in large quantity at home. Tuwon recipe is usually cooked plain and serve with different types of soups like; Egusi, Ogbonor, Miyan Kuka, Miyan taushe, Miyan Kubewa (Okor), Miyan Busheshe, Miyan karkashi, stew, and many more.  

Two Simple Methods of Making Tuwo Recipe

Basically, there are two ways making Tuwo cornmeal. The first method is you can directly add ground corn to a pot of boiling water and while stirring continuously to create smooth dough without lumps. While the second method, you can still prepare your tuwon masara maize is by mixing corn flour into a thick paste and dipping it in a pot of boiling water stir continuously to form a fufu swallow.

How to make Tuwon Masara Recipe


  • 2 cups of Ground corn flour (maize)
  • Water
  • Pot
  • Spatula/Wooden spoon


  1. First of all, pour 1 cup of grounded corn into a bowl, and then add water to make a thick paste but not runny paste.
  2. Secondly, in a pot bring 2 cups of water to a boil on a stovetop, add the dissolved corn paste into the pot and stir continuously until it and starts to thicken.
  3. Thirdly, cover your pot and allow cooking for like 5 minutes while you always stir the content intermittently in other to prevent it from forming lumps or burning.
  4. Next is to add the remaining ground corn powder using one hand while you stir with the other hand just to prevent lumps to form. Ensure to add it a little at a time so you don’t end up with an overly thick tuwo.
  5. The moment you get your desired texture and consistency, stop adding the grounded maize.
  6. Using a spoon scrape all sides of the pot, thereafter, sprinkle water over the tuwo to cook evenly. Cover the pot and allow cooking on medium heat.
  7. Finally, cook for 3-5 minutes, stir properly as your tuwon masara is done, remove from heat then scoop into nylon bags as it helps keep them warm.
  8. lastly, in case you have any leftover tuwo store in the fridge, it may last for like a week or get it frozen for like a months. When needed remove and allow to defrost and then microwave to warm.

Serve and enjoy your delicious Tuwon Masara, Cornmeal with Miyan Kubaiwa da egusi!!

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