Watermelon Calories: Get Refreshed this Summer

Watermelon is quite tasty and refreshing fruit in other words watermelon calories energizers you especially during summer and enables the body function properly. However, watermelon is scientifically known as Citrullus lanatus a good source of antioxidant, vitamins and minerals, it also prevent heat stroke as well as promote healthy heart.

watermelon calories

Watermelon calories is a very good choice after exercising as it quickly rehydrate the lost water and boost energy, in the same vein it can serve as a good afternoon snack for office as well as perfect for desert. Meanwhile don’t hesitate to get hydrated this summer by eating this fruit, moreover, watermelon calories is low but has high water content of 92 % .

Watermelon is a popular fruit with a red bright color you can’t resist each time you come across it in a serving plate, subsequently, just enjoy the well slice fruit and be refreshed.

Nutritional facts of watermelon calories

Calories in one serving cup of watermelon is 46% which is good for those on a weight loss plan at the same time it helps maintaining a balance weight, Fat-free and little percentage of protein

Micronutrients in this fruit are vitamin A which is good for eye; vitamin C is also important boosting immune, anti-aging and helps heal wounds. Other properties include biotin, copper, vitamin B-6, pantothenic acids and vitamin B-1.

Carbohydrate in this fruit is majorly sugar but is being considered complex sugar as a result of the fractions of fructose, glucose and sucrose content for instance or maybe you are counting carb then measure wisely in other not to consume in excess.

Health Benefits of Watermelon Calories

Helps prevent cancer

The intake of fruits and vegetable are great sources of antioxidant that prevents free radical and guard against formation of abnormal cancer cells, furthermore, lycopene compound present in this fruit is linked to lowering the risk of cancer.

It prevents heat stroke

The hot scorching sun can cause dehydration, headache, confusion, fainting, fatigue, nausea they are all common signs and symptoms associated with heat stroke during summer, but eating this fruit regularly prevent any form of such signs since it hydrates the body and guard against your failing sick.

Healthy Heart

Watermelon is a heart friendly fruit; consequently, the potassium helps lower the blood pressure while the lycopene also lower cholesterol. After that lycopene also reduces the thickness of artery walls and stiffness of arteries that may cause heart disease above all healthy life style including diet promotes healthy heart.

It’s anti-inflammatory

Inflammation is a chronic cause of diseases due to the lycopene, vitamin C, and choline present in this fruit which helps reduce chronic inflammation in arthritis, pollution and oxidative stress. Most importantly, it antioxidant detoxify free radical that is to say it cellular damage is combated.

Aids good digestion

Dieting on this fruit is a great source of fiber that promotes healthy digestion and improves bowel movement on a regular basis.

Hair and skin health

This vitamins A and C are essential for hair and skin, vitamin A helps repair damage skin cell and also prevent dry skin, in addition carotenoid and lycopene guard against sunburn especially during summer under the scorching hot sun the skin is not save. Vitamin C assists the body produce collagen on that note elegant skin and strong hair is achieved.  

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