Beetroot Juice amazing Health Benefits

Beetroot juice is a succulent and sweet drink we usually enjoy as kids, we often refer to it as blood medicine because of its red color. Fresh beetroot is edible vegetables also known as beets is a superfood that is being eaten all over the world.

Beetroot Juice

This nutritious beetroot juice is essential for a good health as it lowers blood pressure, gives stamina, reduces cholesterol level, helps bowel movement, low in fat and less calories while the green leaves are so better to taste.

Health Benefits of Beetroot Juice

Lowers blood pressure: for a healthy blood vessels the nitrate found this juice is converted into the body as nitrite and turns to nitric oxide which is good for the body. Consequently the systolic and diastolic blood pressure is reduce similarly individuals suffering from heart failure stand the chance of improved muscle strength as often as they drink this juice.

Protects your liver:  Beetroot juice helps protect the liver from nonalcoholic fatty liver diseases, because, it contains betaine. It also guard the liver from toxins capable of damaging the liver, prevents excess homocysteine in urine and blood. The antioxidants in this root remove bad cholesterol and resist any related heart disease.

Low Calories and Fat: this is a perfect juice for those on weight loss plan; beetroot is sweet although it has a natural glucose that can be easily digested in the body.  Moreover it has reasonable content of fiber that keeps you full and reduces craving as well as aid proper digestive tract.

Rich in folate:  Dieting on beetroot juice is very essential for a pregnant woman since it reduces birth defects of the spine and brain; this B-vitamin helps a cell divide for proper body functions.  

Boost your stamina with Beetroot Drink

This juice naturally contains nitrate which is perfect in boosting performance physically among athletes likewise on an individual that lacks strength. It increases adequate muscles oxygenation; hence boost stamina by increasing the production of red blood cell.

Recipe for Beet root Juice

2 medium sizes beetroot

1 large size apple

Method of Preparation

Wash your beet very well peel the skin and chop into cubes

Wash the apple remove the seeds and also chop into cubes

Add all ingredients in a blender with little water and blend to smooth

Sieve out juice and discard the chaff

Juice is ready

Serve chilled

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