Cucumber hydrates the body and Refreshers Breath

Cucumber hydrates the body and refreshes breathe meanwhile, it is actually a fruit which most people consume as vegetable; cucumber is a nutrient pack fruit that has high water content and significantly low in calories. It is scientifically known as Cucumis sativus.


Cucumber is basically one fruit that fits every occasion of the day, it can be eaten as a perfect breakfast, as a side dish for lunch, it makes a good snack for the day and finally juice drink for the night that hydrate the entire body.

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Cucumber Hydrates the Body and Refreshes breath

The water content in this fruit is high therefore prevents dehydration more especially during the hot season; certainly, the electrolytes in this fruit promote proper functioning of the body. Secondly, this fruit helps improves bad breath as it increases saliva in the mouth, and finally eliminates bacteria that cause odor in the mouth.   

 Health Benefits of Cucumber as it hydrates the body

Cucumber fiber content: most importantly this fruit contains water soluble fiber which is extremely good for the digestive track as it aids proper bowel movement hence, reduce constipation. The water and fiber in it, is ideal for those on weight loss plan in other words those that peel the back reduces the fiber content so, its best eaten with the back.

Cucumber potassium: the content of potassium and fiber in this fruit helps promote a healthy heart because it lowers blood sugar level, in the same vein reduces cholesterol in the body. Dieting on this fruit helps prevent other related heart disease.

Healthy skin: it hydrates and removes toxins from the body which results to smoother skin consequently the anti-inflammatory properties helps reduce swelling and pains.  

Antioxidant: all fruits and vegetables are good source of antioxidant that fights against free radicals in the body; meanwhile it reduces oxidative stress generated by free radicals that can cause cancer.

Cucumber Recipe

1 large size cucumber

1 medium size carrot

½ beetroot


Wash your cucumber, carrot, and beetroot using salt water then rinse very well

Slice all fruits into a flat plate

Ready to eat!

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