Vegetable Salad Recipes in Nigerian with Green Lettuce

Vegetable salad recipes

Healthy food, Nigerian vegetable salad recipes with green lettuce is the best salad vegetables you can think of any time any day.

Meanwhile, fresh vegetable salad is very easy to make, in the same vein, tasty and filling when eating either as a side dish, as an appetizer or even as the main dish served as veg salads for dinner.

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There are several health benefits your body gets from eating simple vegetable salad. it a good source of fiber, rich in antioxidants, it helps protect the heart, gives you strong bones, increases muscle performance, enough vitamins, and minerals pack-load of nutrients.

Similarly, for those on weight loss plan and diet, they should be making veg salad without mayonnaise regularly; on the other hand, it lowers cholesterol level and reduces blood sugar in diabetes.

Ingredients for easy vegetable salad recipes

How to prepare vegetable salad with Mayonnaise


  1. First and foremost, wash your Irish potatoes and chop into cubes, then boil and set apart for use, thereafter, boil the raw eggs, crack the shells and slice on a separate plate and keep.
  2. Secondly, wash all the vegetable thoroughly, then start with the carrots, scrape the back, after that, rinse and use a grater to grate the carrots in a small bowl ready for use.
  3. Thirdly, finely cut the lettuce into a thin shape and set aside in a sieve to drain.
  4. Fourthly, peel the skin of your cucumber, split into two remove the seeds and finely chop in a plate.
  5. Open the tin of your sweet corn, drain the water and rinse carefully and return back to its tin.
  6. Get the cabbage, remove the first and second layers living you with the smooth bunch of fresh cabbage, finely slice your cabbage and equally keep aside.
  7. Wash your beetroot separately because of its color, it can easily stain other vegetable salad causing all salad ingredients to turn red, peel the skin and dice it separately.
  8. I normally use the baked bean tomato sauce when dishing out the cold vegetable salad.

Vegetable salad recipe Preparation

  1. Exclude the baked bean, beetroot, and egg
  2. Get a clean big salad bowl and start placing the veggie salad ingredients step by step until all sliced ingredients are finished.
  3. Finally, place the beetroot on top to avoid color stains of other ingredients
  4. Cover and put in the fridge for about 1 -2 hours, this will enable it rest and mix properly.
  5. Serve using salad dressing you preferred but for this, I used BAMA Mayonnaise and place the sliced eggs and baked beans on top ooh so delicious.

Serve and enjoy!


The best way to enjoy a raw vegetable salad without salad dressing is to consume between 1-24 hours after preparation.

In the area of ingredients, it can be increased depending on what you want or reduce the quantity, certainly, the simple veg salad recipes still turn out beautiful and tasty.

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